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Gold Kit

All our Kits include all materials you need to build your Pole Barn, also, these have the necessary quality so that its structure has a long durability and you can carry out your project within your budget. 

The Gold Kits include:
Gable Trusses
Nuts & Bolts necessary to assemble
26g Galvalume Painted Metal Roof (All colors available)
26g Galvalume Painted Ridge Caps
26g Galvalume Painted Edge (Front and Back)
26g Galvalume Painted Fascia (Front and Back)
1 ½” Wood Painted Screws
6×6 Pressure Treated Wood Posts
2x6x12 Pressure Treated Wood Board
2x6x16 Pressure Treated Wood Board

Used materials

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►Remember all Kits are expressed by their size, both width and length◄